Each school year, the studio holds a piano practice promotion to encourage students to make steady progress in developing their musical skills. This runs from October or November through March.

Paws on the Piano
2016-17 Piano Practice Promotion
Sunday, Nov. 6 – Saturday, Apr. 1

To promote effective piano practicing at home, I am beginning a five-month practice promotion to encourage students to polish and finish pieces that they have been assigned to gradually and consistently develop basic musicianship skills. Playing LOTS of music is the way to develop solid musicianship skills, great moves around the keyboard and confidence in your playing. Can students earn points and parents/grandparents donate to our local Chico Animal Shelter based on points earned? You decide what that amount will be for your student. These are the ways to earn points:
FINISHED PIECES: Students are encouraged to play LOTS of music and complete pieces over the course of the five months. For every 8 measures that students prepare from the beginning stages of learning notes and rhythms to the final stages of polishing and being prepared to play for an audience, students will earn 1 point. Up to 2 extra points will be awarded for counting aloud, playing with CD accompaniment or metronome and/or memorization of those measures. Up to one complete piece (or portion of a piece) may be attempted each week per student from Lesson, Solo/Performance or an approved supplemental book or sheet music. A polished, finished song is evaluated in this way:
          All fingering is correct and piano posture and hand shape is good.
            Rhythm and note reading is accurate.
            Dynamics are being used as marked in piece.
            Steady tempo or fluency throughout without long pauses.
            All articulation markings (legato slurs, staccato, ties, accents, pedaling, etc.) observed.
            Student is confident and ready to play this piece for an audience!
Each finished piece will be added to the student’s semester repertoire list to be given out in December at the Group Musicianship Classes and at the final school year lessons in May.
SCALES: 5 points for every scale, chords & arpeggios played fluently with skills at level.
CERTIFICATE OF ARTISTRY: When a piece is really well prepared and demonstrates remarkable artistry of performance from beginning to end, this will be posted on the studio entrance sliding glass door and will earn 5 additional points.
BEA’S KEYS FLASHCARDS: 5 points for improving your timed score over previous month.
ATTEND A CONCERT: 5 points for attending a musical concert or event (church, school or community).  A program, ticket stub, or note initialed by parent or other verifying adult must be provided to me.
WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS DONE IN 1 WEEK: 5 points for completing written assignments on time.
ANIMAL MUSIC VIDEOS: 5 points for sending links to videos of animals making music or responding to music in some way that I may share with the studio. (limit of 2 per month per student)
Students should strive to play the piano 5 days in every week to develop their fluency and ease of movement on the keyboard. This is what will make for steady progress and success!